Meet The Team!


Forge Design Studio


Mike Harrison

Forge Design Studio is an architectural firm dedicated to creating elegant, refined and high quality design solutions. Founded in 2013, the practice has enjoyed continual growth since then. Our Team, led by Mike Harrison, has exceptional experience across a wide range of projects, they understand the fundamental key to success is listening to, and working closely with, our clients. Through the execution of this, we establish a strong, secure relationship with the people we work with. This enables us to achieve every success as we work closely together in the development of a shared vision.

To manifest this belief, at Forge Design Studio we take the time to consider the local culture; context and history; the key planning and environmental conditions; and the core opportunities and constraints surrounding a development to allow us to develop robust proposals that will contribute positively to a sense of place for our client and their property.

This ultimately delivers the completion of well-crafted, beautiful buildings that do not simply meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

As such, at Forge Design Studio, we offer a full range of architectural services from initial feasibility, site appraisal and masterplanning, to detailed production drawings and delivery on site.


Holbury Consultancy Services Limited


Nicola French

Nicola established Holbury Consultancy Services Ltd in 2014, responding to demand from a range of clients and their projects keen to contract the expertise, professionalism and bonhomie for which she is known. The company was set up to provide a professional platform for Nicola to work with clients and their consultant and construction teams, with the intent from the outset to remain small and flexible, able to work in which ever way best suits the project circumstance, using the right people for the job.

Nicola’s core specialism centres on the implications of the Habitats Regulations for major development schemes and as part of this, working with the client, NGO’s and the statutory agencies to find and implement creative solutions to long-term funding and management of Green Infrastructure and SANG.

As a full member of the RTPI and CIEEM, Nicola is experienced in resolving planning and ecological issues and has a sound understanding of their policy and legislative backgrounds. This facilitates close and constructive working relationships with developers, regulators and NGO’s and a comprehensive understanding of local and strategic planning aims. Nicola closely follows the legal context in which HRA sits, supported through active membership of the nature conservation working group of the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA).

More recently, Holbury has provided Nicola with experience in the project management of ecological and environmental groundwork contracts. This experience continually feeds back into pre-planning advice, providing the context for real life sense checks.



Artemis Ecological Consulting Limited


Jeff Picksley

Jeff Picksley formed Artemis Ecological Consulting Limited in 2015. With sixteen years of experience undertaking ecological surveys and assessment work across the UK, Jeff has worked for a number of organisations in the past including Terence O’Rourke, Forestry Commission and Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Jeff has an in-depth understanding of ecological survey requirements for projects, best practice and relevant environmental legislation and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Managers (CIEEM).

He has worked on a range of projects including project managing ecological survey work, European Protected Species (EPS) licence preparation and review, field surveys, site assessment for clients, liaison with local planning authorities, statutory and non-statutory consultees. Jeff has extensive experience in preparing Environmental Impact and Habitat Regulations Assessments.

Artemis has a wide range of clients including Wates Developments, Redrow Homes, Millgate Homes, Forest Holidays, the Land Trust, Natural England and Three Rivers Council.



Lucid Planning Limited


Adrian Barker

Adrian has over 23 years of planning experience, including 16 years in planning consultancy. Projects range from pure housing schemes through to mixed-use regeneration and large-scale commercial. Over the years he has developed a broad client base having worked with a spectrum of clients from national property companies to small-scale residential developers. In 2016 he set up Lucid Planning Ltd with the aim of providing clients with an independent, efficient and versatile planning consultancy with a clear delivery focus. He is available and happy to help with any planning queries that you might have.


Compulsory Purchase 
Adrian Barker, of Lucid Planning, has appeared as planning witness for Three Rivers District Council at the resent CPO Inquiry associated with the proposed redevelopment of South Oxhey town centre. Planning permission has already been secured by Countryside Properties and if the CPO is successful the redevelopment will provide a contemporary mixed use sustainable centre accommodating 5,137sqm of retail and support space, along with 514 dwellings.

Development in the Green Belt 
Lucid Planning has secured planning permission for a new Scout Hut in the Green Belt to the South of Watford.

Overcoming Hurdles 
Lucid Planning have delivered another planning permission to facilitate relocation of an existing business in South Oxhey. The new garage and car sales facility was secured despite the sites inclusion within a wider policy allocation for housing and need to relocate an existing community facility.

Happy to Help 
Lucid Planning is pleased to have supported the recently submitted planning application for a new, and greatly improved, town leisure centre in Andover, through provision of a detailed and technically robust planning statement on behalf of Places for People Leisure Management Ltd.

Protecting Business 
Lucid Planning is assisting Make It Ealing, and the businesses that it represents, in making appropriate representations to the emerging Central Ealing Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that business interests are recognised and protected within the planning process.





Team Photoshoot!

The group meet-up on the beach at Mudeford Quay to create a record of our co-ordinated approach – with no prior arrangement we chose matching outfits!

Having worked together over a number of years we have a combined experience which is second to none and are excited about the future possibilities.

Collectively, the group will offer all the advantages and experience of a large organisation combined with our individual philosophies and approach to provide a highly personalised, flexible and experienced service. Clients can build their own project teams to suit from the range of services that we offer and we are very open to working creatively with our clients to progress unusual or nonstandard projects that require a different approach.

We are proud to work alongside four other like-minded consultancies and are excited about offering clients an established, team approach to projects.


Introducing The Connected Collective!

Strategy Meeting


Members of the group met on Friday 9th December to discuss the development of a collective strategy to promote a co-operative approach to our respective businesses.


Born out of a desire to create a mutually beneficial working arrangement which will offer clients the advantages of an established, experienced team approach to projects, Adrian, David, Jeff, Mike and Nicola have known and worked with each other for over 15 years. Offering a wide range of skills and expertise they bring a consistently professional, creative approach to problem solving.

The group can offer all of the advantages and experience of a large organisation operating at a national level combined with a highly personalised service. All work is carried out and delivered by the founders and their involvement is guaranteed through-out the life of any commission.

Located within a close geographic area the team are looking forward to developing a successful, mutually beneficial working relationship.